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Will your Skin Type Benefit from Fragrance Free Skincare Products?

Will your Skin Type Benefit from Fragrance Free Skincare Products?

Fragrance Free Skincare Products may have surprising skin benefits

A growing number of consumers are actively choosing products without added fragrance. This is partly due to increased awareness regarding the effect of fragrances on our health but mainly due to an increase in allergies and intolerances that many people are experiencing.

But is this something that you need to consider for your particular skin type? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using fragrance-free skincare, and how to find the right product for you!

What is fragrance and why is it used in personal care products?

Fragrances are complex chemicals. They are designed to smell pleasant and to evoke certain emotions in people. They are used extensively in skincare, haircare, makeup, and cleaning products in order to provide sensory delight while using the products. They are also to mask any strong or unpleasant odors from other ingredients a formulation.

Why fragrances could be irritating to some people or skin types

Fragrances are designed with top, middle and base notes to give a complete sensory experience. To achieve this result, fragrances are composed of several scent extracts. Each of these extracts in turn could contain various chemical components that introduce unnecessary complexity to products, particularly to skincare formulations.

Fragrance free skincare prevents skin sensitivity and skin irritation

In addition, most of us use several products daily that come in contact with our skin and hair. Examples are Shampoo, Conditioner, leave-in treatments, skincare, makeup, soaps, and household cleaning products.

If all these products contain fragrance, the burden on the skin and hair quickly accumulates. While some of these scent extracts can be beneficial to the skin, others have the potential to sensitize the skin and cause further reactions. The biggest reason for skin irritation or skin sensitization are fragrances and harsh preservatives.

What are Fragrance-Free Skincare Products?

Fragrance-free skincare products are exactly what they sound like. They contain no added fragrances, which make them perfect for people with sensitive skin (or noses).

These products also reduce the risk of reaction to known chemical sensitizers that your skin could come into contact with.

Look for labels that claim fragrance-free as a feature. These tend to be free of fragrances and also essential oils. Just be aware that fragrance-free moisturizers or face oils will probably have a neutral or natural smell from the other ingredients but those are in no way irritating to your skin or nose and will usually disappear soon after applying.

Benefits of using fragrance-free products

The main benefits of using fragrance-free products are as follows:

Less chance of sensitization or skin reactivity

Using fragrance-free personal care products greatly reduces the chances of your skin getting sensitized or irritated through the use of products long term. Sensitized skin can start reacting to everything that you put on it, including sunblock and makeup until all you can use on your skin is petrolatum and water.

Irritated and reactive skin can also develop redness, itchiness, hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypopigmentation (white spots).

Better results from skincare

When your skin is not battling reactions from potential irritants and sensitizers, it can focus on getting you the best results from the skincare that you use. You will see faster and better results when your skin is irritation-free and your skin barrier is functioning well. Using a fragrance-free face moisturizer as well as a fragrance-free face oil will provide most of the skin nutrition and protection that your skin needs.

Your skin becomes healthier and more resilient

When your skin is irritation-free, it becomes its healthiest. Healthy skin is resilient. Your skin will be better suited to withstand daily damage from the environment, chemical exposure, pollution, and changes in weather conditions.

Should I completely avoid all fragrances in my products?

This is something that you have to decide for yourself. If you have highly reactive or sensitive skin, then yes, it makes sense to only use fragrance-free products. This should also extend to your choice of hair care, sun protection, and makeup. Also, look for fragrance-free household products and detergents. This way you can reduce your chances of getting a flare-up or reaction on your skin.

If you are not particularly sensitive to fragrance, it still makes sense to reduce or limit the number of fragrance-containing products you use. Since these scents provide no added benefit beyond smelling good, avoid using fragranced products in leave-on products that remain on the skin and scalp. If you want to smell a particular way, use perfume.

Perfumes are designed with the sole purpose of making you smell good. Quality perfumes are made with very high quality extracts unlike the cheap fragrances that are added to personal care products. Don’t depend on your skincare or haircare to make you smell good.

We hope you enjoyed this article about fragrance-free skincare products. These types of products are a great way to reduce your exposure to chemicals in beauty and personal care products, or if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by fragrances.

If you want the benefits of using these types of products without having to worry about sensitization or irritation from scents, take some time to research what's available on the market today! We're confident there's something for everyone here with no added risk of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. 


Q: What's the difference between fragrance-free and hypoallergenic skincare products?

A: Fragrance-free means that there are no added scents or perfumes. Hypoallergenic products are designed to work for those with sensitive skin and may or may not contain fragrances.

Q: What's the difference between perfume and fragrance?

A: Perfume is the general term for a blend of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, animals, objects, or living spaces an agreeable scent. Fragrance is the term for a specific chemical blend that gives off a distinctive scent or odor.

Q: What's the difference between parfum and fragrance?

A: Parfum is a more concentrated and purer form of fragrance than the traditional term, perfume. Parfum might be composed of 15-30% aromatic compounds whereas 30% or higher concentration of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds makes up a high-quality fragrance.

Q: Don't most products contain fragrance?

A: Yes, on average, about 70-90% of personal care products on the market have added fragrance. Check the labels of products that you would like to purchase to ensure that they have the fragrance-free claim.

Q: Can you recommend products that are fragrance-free?

A: I'm glad you asked. Forshelli's water-based serum Hindre is fragrance-free and perfect for those who want to plump and hydrate the skin without worrying about pore blocking ingredients. Our customers have also seen great results from our Stell Face Oil. Made only with seed oils (no nut oils here), this potent blend contains no fragrances or essential oils.

Have you made the switch to fragrance-free skin care? Did you notice any positive effects? Do share by commenting below.


Jan 03, 2023 • Posted by Lys

I switched to fragrance free in my early 20s when I was diagnosed (allergy to fragrance), I didn’t even know fragrances bothered me (I had no rash, etc.), until I did a patch test. It’s SO much better to use fragrance free products!!
Even my nose appreciates it! I hate it when brands add (unnecessary!!) fragrance to everything, it’s also quite annoying. I prefer the culture in the Nordic countries, where a lot of people buy fragrance free everything and scented products have a lower fragrance concentration too, compared to the South of Europe.

Jul 14, 2022 • Posted by Dr K M Vijayan

Excellent information. This product will help immemsely many suffering people. Congrats.

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