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Hindre™ Face Serum


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Hydrating Serum for Calmer and Softer Skin

Introducing Hindre, a hydrating serum that prioritizes gentle care, providing intense hydration while minimizing skin irritation. Crafted with a meticulously designed oil-free formula, devoid of fragrances or essential oils, Hindre caters to a spectrum of skin types, including oily, combination, acne-prone, and irritation-prone skin. 

✨ Oil-Free Gel Serum

A delicately crafted serum, free from fragrances or essential oils, offering all-day hydration for comfortable and calm skin.

✨ Visible Improvements from Day One

Hindre™ works wonders, improving skin softness over time, and improving the appearance of skin texture. Its concentrated formula ensures you need only a small amount for each application.

✨ Long-Lasting Hydration

The 30 ml container lasts 4-5 weeks with typical use, while the 50 ml container provides 8-10 weeks of continuous hydration.

What does Hindre™ feel like?

Color: Translucent
Scent: A slight natural smell of plant-based ingredients that disappears immediately upon application
Sensation: Light and cooling. Skin feels hydrated and smooth upon full absorption

Why Choose Hindre™?

✨ Transformative Results

Hindre™ offers a gentle and fast-acting solution for various skin concerns. Our users have noticed positive transformations, experiencing visible improvements such as smoother skin, less redness, and fewer breakouts. Simplicity meets effectiveness as Hindre™ replaces multiple products, making skincare hassle-free and seamlessly integrated into daily life. 

✨ Powerful and Fast-Acting

Hindre™ is mild yet powerful. The fast-absorbing formula ensures a comfortable and non-greasy experience, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Who is Hindre™ for?

Suitable for all skin types. Particularly useful for those with oily skin prone to breakouts, dull and dehydrated skin, and skin prone to redness and irritation.


🍃 Probiotic Lysates: Provides the right environment for beneficial skin bacteria while discouraging the growth of harmful ones
🍃 Rice extracts and bio-active peptides: Helps the skin appear smoother, firmer, less lined, and more even-toned
🍃 Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA: Natural components of healthy skin, these powerful actives help keep the skin supple and hydrated
🍃 Vitamins B3 and B5: Strong skin soothers that work on multiple layers of the skin
🍃 Edelweiss, Licorice, and White Tea Extracts: Powerful Antioxidants from these botanicals help minimize skin damage while skin-soothing components help calm irritated skin
🍃 Willow bark extract: Encourages skin renewal without causing skin irritation.

Full Ingredient List

Aqua, Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Salix Nigra (Willow bark) extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Sodium PCA, Hydrolyzed Oryza Sativa (Rice) Protein, Glycerin, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan gum, Lecithin, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) leaf extract, Allantoin, Sodium Levulinate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) root Extract, Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss) Extract, Sodium Phytate, Pullulan, Sodium Anisate, Sclerotium gum, Superoxide Dismutase, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Sodium Benzoate, Soybean Peroxidase, Lactic acid, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Forshelli Hindre Skin Benefits


Hindre™ is a concentrated product and you only need a small amount for each application. Can be used every morning and evening or only once a day as needed. Works best on freshly cleaned, damp skin. It's important to have water on your skin so this face serum can lock in the moisture to give softness.

Press the button halfway down to dispense a small amount. Massage lightly into the skin. You can then use more if you need it but most skin types only need half a pump worth to cover the face and neck.

The small container (30 ml) contains enough product to last 4-5 weeks with typical use. The large container (50 ml) can last between 8-10 weeks with typical use.


Our products are packaged in recyclable packaging.

Discard the outer carton in paper recycling.

Hindre™ is packaged in a 100% Polypropylene (PP) container with a metal unit in the pump. Please try to remove this before discarding the container, including the label, in plastic recycling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Age Range: 45-54
Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive, Redness Prone, Sensitized or Irritated
Skin Concern: Peeling, Itching, Oiliness
Skin Tone: Light
Shaving and skin issue

I had a skin issue around my nose area. At first, it would start to get red, then start to hurt a little, and finally peel, before it came back to normal. I tried different creams, but they didn't seem to help. When I applied Hindre, the skin seemed to calm down, and the cycle of reaction went away. I feel more confident now that I don't have the issue anymore. I do think that I get the redness back when I stop using the cream, almost like a lifelong condition that I have. So I apply a little every day to the area. I feel good that this is all-natural and does not have any harsh ingredients. Another thing is that I use it after shaving to moisturize, and I find that it calms the skin, where other products might have flared up the skin somewhat. It's so difficult to find something that works in the myriad of products that are out there.

Divya V
Age Range: 45-54
Skin Type: Combination, Acne Prone, Sensitive, Pigmentation Prone, Redness Prone, Sensitized or Irritated
Skin Concern: Dark Patches, Acne or breakouts, Fine lines or wrinkles, Pores, Skin Texture, Skin sagging
Skin Tone: Medium
Wish I had discovered this sooner!!!!

I have been using Forshelli Hindre for 6 weeks now and I am beyond thrilled with the results. My skin is very sensitive (read as - has a mind of its own and changes its personality in a matter of hours). From redness to hormonal acne breakouts, from unexplainable skin irritation to open pores, I had it all. I have South Asian brown skin and I am in my 40s. To add to all my skin woes, I started to see dark spots start to appear too.

I started using Forshelli Hindre in early August. I use it twice a day after I wash my face. In a week, I started to noticed a difference. In a month, the improvement was remarkable. Two things that you should keep in mind when using this product.

First - give it time and be consistent in using it. Skin cycles take time. At my age, it's about once a month. You WILL see an improvement within the first week and it only gets better from there. I did not break out at all before and during my last period cycle. That hasn't happened in forever!!!

Second - You won't need 5 things to slather on every day. My routine has become so simple and straightforward. Wash face. Apply Hindre on my face, neck, and decollete, and that's it. Really. It's that simple. This product has eliminated the need for other stuff I was layering on my face.

All I can say is, I wish I had discovered this sooner!

The picture on the left is the "before" and the picture on the right is "after".

Age Range: 35-44
Skin Type: Oily, Combination, Acne Prone, Sensitive, Redness Prone, Sensitized or Irritated
Skin Concern: Tightness, Peeling, Oiliness, Acne or breakouts, Fine lines or wrinkles, Pores, Skin Texture
Skin Tone: Very light
Absolute Perfection

Let me start by saying that I have extremely reactive, sensitive/rosacea-type skin that is immensely difficult to treat. I have gone without using a moisturizer for years solely due to the fact that my skin becomes sensitized to anything out there (trust me I've tried it all!). From the moment I started utilizing this moisturizer, my skin became almost instantly calmer, less reddened, more even in tone, and beautifully smooth. I highly recommend this wonderfully crafted moisturizer to anyone out there, especially those dealing with unmanageable skin. The ingredients are perfection and I know that over time my skin is only going to get better and better due to the benefits of its' composition. Thank you so much for making this : )

Age Range: 18-24
Skin Type: Acne Prone, Sensitive
Skin Concern: Dryness, Acne or breakouts
Skin Tone: Medium
Simple moisturizer for sensitive skin

My skin is very sensitive. I breakout easily and have struggle with Fungal acne. Finding a moisturizer is super hard for me because I trying to avoid many ingredients that can be found in most moisturizer. This moisturizer contains ingredients that are essential and good for my skin. I don't breakout from my this moisturizer and have repurchased this multiple times. However, the best part about this moisturizer is the person who makes it. Archana is very kind and willing to go beyond what is needed to help ANY answer any questions I had. This moisturizer will really save your skin if you sensitive, acne prone skin.

Sujatha Parameswaran
Age Range: 45-54
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concern: Dark Patches, Skin Texture
Skin Tone: Medium
Excellent product

I have been using the gel moisturizer for about a month now and I simply love it. It spreads well, is so lightweight and has provided my middle-aged skin with that much-needed brightness! My skin needs something more heavy lately, so I simply apply this over my regular moisturizer.
And oh did I mention how cool the very creative pump dispenser is - it dishes out just about enough for one use.
I strongly recommend this product. Given that it is so light I have no doubt this should work for all skin types.