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skincare for senstive skin

skincare for senstive skin

Mulifunctional Skincare Designed to Minimize Skin Irritation

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Forshelli products are perfect for use after aggressive skin treatments like peels and scrubs, or for those who want to use non-sensitizing skincare products.

Skin friendly ingredients that mimic a healthy skin barrier. No extra fillers, solvents or emulsifiers that could annoy your skin. All our products are fragrance-free.

Our antioxidant rich formulations also help the skin resist damage from the daily assaults of pollution and UV damage so you can maintain your results.


Forshelli™ products contain powerful skin actives that can help transform the appearance of your skin while respecting the integrity of the skin barrier.

Lindre, a hydration focused serum-moisturizer suitable for daily hydration for all skin types, including skin types prone to fungal acne, acne, dermatitis or eczema.


Stell, a fragrance-free, Omega fatty-acid rich face oil contains a predominance of longer-chain fatty acids that is especially suited for those with challenging skin.

The result is calmer, softer skin that appears more even toned. Get the best skincare results with minimum irritation.


Forshelli products are Vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, made in small batches, petroleum free and plant based


Skin health is the main focus of our formulations. When the skin is healthy, it can fix many of its problems. The latest research shows that a balanced microbiome is critical to a healthy skin barrier.

Our products work by providing the skin with skin-compatible, targeted plant-based nutrients combined with postbiotics that help support the skin barrier. This results in resilient skin that appears healthy and is less reactive.

Since our formulations are suited for sensitive skin, they work for every skin type. Our gentle yet powerful formulas work from day one to help combat oxidative damage from stress, hormones, pollution and environmental conditions. Enjoy immediate skin comfort and watch as your skin transforms to its optimum state of health.


Why does my skin react to products?

If your skin has always been reactive to what is applied on it, you might have been born with sensitive skin. If your skin has suddenly starting reacting to products applied on the skin then you might have sensitized skin.

Both of these challenges indicate that the skin barrier is not working properly and will need special care.

What is a microbiome and why is it important for skin health?

The skin's microbiome is a natural ecosystem comprised of living organisms on the skin. Studies now show that the balance of microorganisms on the skin profoundly affects skin health.

Every person has their unique microbiome, which is influenced by genes, diet, biochemistry of the skin, products applied, and external factors. Bringing the microbiome back to balance is key in helping the skin become resilient and healthy.

How do Forshelli™ products help the skin?

Our products bring immediate calm and deep hydration to sensitive and sensitized skin. Powerful antioxidants, postbiotics and components that are part of the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factors work together to calm the skin.

In other words, our products give your skin everything it needs without extra fillers and sensitizing ingredients. Within a few weeks, the skin will appear less irritated and more balanced. Over time, the continued application of the products leads to skin that appears more healthy and resilient.

Why should I use these products?

Forshelli products help your skin fortify itself against environmental damage from UV radiation, weather changes and pollution. In addition, our products help replenish skin nutrients that serve as building blocks for the skin.

Our products also safeguard the balance of beneficial microorganisms in the skin, which helps build skin resilience. Your skin will bounce back faster from harsh skin treatments or procedures such as chemical peels.

Will your products work for my challenging skin?

We have done our utmost to create products that contain only soothing and nourishing ingredients that benefit the skin while avoiding those that are irritating and allergenic. Please check our product pages to read through the list of ingredients to determine if our products are suitable for your skin. Despite our best intentions, there is a possibility that your skin might not react well to our products. This is the reason why we have a return policy to assure you that we want you to be happy with your purchase.