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Five surprising causes of skin irritation

skin irritation from dirty glasses

Here are 5 less common reasons for skin irritation

Do you tend to get skin irritation, redness or breakouts along your jaw and on your cheeks? Or is your skin prone to irritation around your eyebrows, temples and forehead?

If you notice stubborn skin issues along these areas one of the following might be the reason.

Your Glasses: 

Your corrective eye wear can accumulate the residue from your skin care routine including your sunblock and makeup. This accumulation of different products can continuously expose this area to irritating chemicals.

This sticky residue also makes it easy to accumulate dead skin cells and is a perfect breeding ground for skin irritating germs. It's important to wash your eyewear with soap and water or use an antibacterial wipe on a frequent basis.


Your sunglasses probably live in your purse or your car where they are even more exposed to skin pollutants, which you then transfer to your skin every time you use them.

Read the care instructions for your sunglasses and make sure you follow them on a weekly basis.

Phone and phone accessories: 

Let's face it. Most of us use our phones in the bathroom and often leave our phones face down on all kinds of surfaces.

If you cradle your phone along your jawline, you are introducing irritants to your cheek and jaw on a daily basis. A weekly antibacterial wipe-down is a must. 


For those prone to dry lips and irritation around the mouth, check your toothpaste. The foaming ingredients of some toothpastes are very irritating to those prone to sensitive skin.

This can lead to red or peeling areas close to the lips. It's best to switch to a natural or non-foaming toothpaste.

Face mask:

This particular cause is not a surprising one since you might already have noticed skin irritation from using face masks or face coverings.

It's important to remember that whatever you apply on your face can penetrate the skin much deeper into the skin under a mask.

Mask hygiene is very important, as well as selecting gentle and minimal skin care to wear under the mask. This can help keep irritation at bay.

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