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Meet the Founder

"When the skin is healthy it can fix many of its problems on its own"

Forshelli Founder Photo

Hello, Hei and Namaskaram! 

My name is Archana Johnsen and I am the founder of Forshelli. The name Forshelli is the phonetic pronounciation of the Norwegian word Forskjellig which literally translates to "different". "Å gjøre en Forskjell" is my guideline. It means "to make a difference." My goal is to raise more awareness regarding skin health as I truly believe that healthy and resilient skin fixes most of its problems on its own.

Forshelli Products

Forshelli currently only sells two products. Both are multi-tasking in nature and contain only soothing and non-sensitizing ingredients. Lindre, means "Soothe" in Norwegian, is a water based product that functions as both a serum and a moisturizer.

Stell, which means "Care" is a blend of non-comedogenic oils and skin soothing actives that provide oil based nutrients to the skin. This oil can be used for cleansing or moisturizing and can be used all over the face, body and hair.

My background

As a beauty outsider, I only became interested in the science of skincare when my own skin started to create issues that made me feel insecure.

When my skin started flaring up with multiple issues (eczema, perioral dermatitis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture issues) I used more and more treatment products to fix the issues and ended up with such problematic skin that I didn't want to leave the house because I was so embarrassed!

Forshelli  before and after results

After years of DIY to find my own solutions, I finally got the education and training needed to formulate natural skincare products. I combined this skill with my engineering background, ability to research, and my tendency to question the status quo.

It took me over three years to curate and finalize the ingredients that would go into my pared-down, skin-friendly line of products. Forshelli is the result of this obsessive research and development.

My inspiration

Ayurveda in Kerala. Forshelli Founder Story

As a global citizen, I have lived in five countries and traveled to dozens more.

This has given me the opportunity for immersive exploration which is what led my approach towards making products at Forshelli. My most profound influence came from Kerala in India, which is famous for its spa traditions based on the concept of Avurveda, a branch of natural healing which is thousands of years old.

This branch of natural health and beauty stresses the importance of balance and simplicity in achieving optimum health. It also stresses the importance of using very selected and potent botanicals to solve problems. 

Forshelli formulations use a carefully selected group of botanicals, which are as close to their unprocessed form as possible. This ensures the best and most potent skincare results from our products.

Norway natural beauty Forshelli Founder Story

Norway is a country that transformed me with its rugged beauty, unique ingredients and emphasis on freshness. I enjoyed exploring Norway with my Norwegian husband! My children were also born there which gave them an innate love of friluftsliv (outdoor life).

I also discovered beautiful ingredients like Cloudberry, which is so delicious and full of skin nutrition.

Forshelli Founder in Norway


This combination of life experiences and influences is baked into the DNA of Forshelli. 

How Forshelli can benefit your skin

I believe that every single ingredient in my products was chosen to convey a variety of benefits. Every skin type deserves high-quality skincare, and I'm proud to offer it all at an affordable price point without compromising on quality or performance!

When developing ForshelIi's formulations, I worked closely with cosmetic chemists in Asia, Europe and Australia to ensure that our customers would get the most potent skin benefits without irritation.

The products were then tested by volunteers who have a wide variety of conditions including sensitive or reactive skins.

Our volunteer testers noticed multiple & often surprising insights into their own condition as well as calmer and happier skin! They felt that their skin was less reactive to other products after using Forshelli products.

I strongly believe that healthy skin fixes problems on its own.

I wish you skin peace and skin health!