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Meet the Founder

"In a state of wellness, the skin possesses the remarkable ability to naturally resolve various skin problems."

Forshelli Founder Photo

Hello, Hei and Namaskaram! 



I'm Archana Johnsen, the heart and soul behind Forshelli. 🌸 The name Forshelli is my nod to the Norwegian word "Forskjellig," meaning "different." My mission is all about making a difference, and I'm thrilled to share the Forshelli journey with you.

Let me introduce you to our two incredible products:

🌊 Hindre ("Prevent"): A water-based gem crafted with high-performance ingredients, designed to pamper your skin without any fuss.

Stell ("Care"): A blend of non-comedogenic oils and skin-soothing actives, perfect for cleansing or moisturizing. It's your all-in-one solution for face, body, and hair love!

My background

A little about me: I'm not your typical beauty enthusiast; my journey into skincare began when my own skin threw a tantrum. Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea - you name it, I had it.

Forshelli  before and after results


Creating Forshelli

That struggle led me to dive into the world of skincare, blending my engineering background with a passion for questioning the norm. After years of DIY experiments and formal education, Forshelli was born. 🌿 It took over three years to curate the perfect ingredients for our skin-friendly line.

My inspiration

Ayurveda inspiration for Forshelli Skincare


My inspiration? Well, I'm a wanderer at heart, having lived in five countries and soaked in diverse cultures. Kerala, India, left a lasting imprint, especially its spa traditions rooted in Ayurveda. This ancient natural healing philosophy became a cornerstone for Forshelli, emphasizing balance, simplicity, and the power of potent botanicals.

Norway natural beauty Forshelli Founder Story


Then there's Norway, a country that amazed me with its stunning landscapes, cool ingredients (hello, Cloudberry!), and a serious emphasis on freshness. Oh, and did I mention I explored Norway with my Norwegian husband? Our kids were even born there, soaking up that innate love for outdoor life, or as the Norwegians call it, "friluftsliv."

All these life experiences and influences are woven into the DNA of Forshelli.

How Forshelli can benefit your skin

Now, why should Forshelli be your go-to skincare choice? Simple - I believe every ingredient serves a purpose, offering benefits for every skin type. Quality skincare shouldn't break the bank, and I'm proud to deliver top-notch products without compromise.

When I was crafting Forshelli's formulations, I teamed up with cosmetic chemists from Asia, Europe, and Australia. We wanted to make sure our products give you the most bang for your buck without irritating your precious skin. Our products were put to the test by volunteers with various skin conditions, and the results were amazing! Not just calmer skin, but also a reduced reaction to other products.

I genuinely believe in the power of healthy skin to fix its own problems. Wishing you skin peace and radiant health!

Cheers to your beautiful journey with Forshelli,

Archana 💖