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Can affordable skincare work just as well as expensive skincare?

expensive skincare

What are the main differences between expensive and affordable skincare?

For those of us searching for skincare products, or a skincare routine, that can truly transform our skin this is a very valid question.

Affordable or inexpensive skincare is a subjective term and it depends on the situation of the person, the condition of their skin and their motivation to get results.

One person's "affordable" might be another person's "expensive". The general rule is that products that are freely available in supermarkets and pharmacies are created and priced to sell at scale. It is therefore likely that they use inexpensive ingredients to create products that can last on shelves for a few years.

If you are looking for real results or have particularly challenging skin, it is unlikely that you will find something effective in this selection of products. 

Better Value

A better approach would be to look beyond the price of the product and look towards the value that it provides you. Look for quality skincare products online and in skincare boutiques that contain active ingredients and have multi-tasking benefits.

Ideally you should only need one or two quality skincare products that cover most of your skincare needs. This approach is good for your skin, your wallet and is also earth friendly! 

If the product is truly concentrated and works as promised, you should only need to use a tiny amount each time, thus making your product last a while. 

Multitasking products for the win

The best approach would be to purchase a quality oil-free face serum that contains active ingredients as this can be used all over the neck and face, including the eye area, thus avoiding the need to purchase a separate eye cream. Our Hindre Face Serum is perfect for this.

Containing ingredients that focus on deep hydration of the skin while minimizing reactions. You will notice your skin look fresh and plump, lines and textures will look smoother, redness and breakouts will reduce and your skin will just look healthier.

Next, look for a quality face oil that you can use to apply to areas of skin that need oil, while avoiding the areas that don't need it.

You can also control how much or how little oil you apply to your skin and also choose whether you want to use the oil daily or every alternate day.

You can also use this face oil for a face massage, to remove makeup and even for your nails and ends of hair. Our Stell Face Oil is unperfumed and is made to balance the oils in the skin. Your skin will feel silky soft and look smooth and matte when you apply this oil.

Use concentrated yet gentle skincare for the most cost-effective results

Using skincare that is active yet gentle is the best way to care for your unique skin type, while still only using the best skincare that you can find.

Forshelli skincare products are concentrated and made to last for months, thus reducing the cost of your skincare to a few cents a day.

In short, instead of purchasing

Serum + moisturizer + eye cream + facial mist + face oil + treatment essence

you only need to purchase

Hindre Face Serum + Stell Face oil

Fewer products for the skin is really the best option. It's better for your skin, wallet and the planet.

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