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The challenges of sensitive skin

sensitive or reactive skin

Sensitive skin presents its own unique set of challenges

As a group of product formulators and testers who have sensitive skin, we understand this skin condition better than most.

Here are some of the most common challenges we have faced in our own skin care journey.

You have product envy

When you suffer from sensitive skin it's easy to feel like you are being denied. Denied the chance to be able to try all the latest amazing products that so many people seem to enjoy using and get great results from

The amazing masks and peels that work wonders for others only work to aggravate your skin further.

You try to fix a particular problem on your skin and break something else

You finally find a skin care regimen that works to calm your skin down and you are thrilled to have skin that finally looks healthy again. T

hen you decide to "improve" your results or to tackle another skin issue by trying a targeted treatment and your skin ends up looking and feeling worse than before. Back to square one!

You start to react to things you never reacted to before

Your favorite skin care products that you have used for years suddenly cause a reaction.

Things like makeup or a new skin toner start to cause itchiness or irritation and you have no explanation why.

Your skin is a mass of contradictions

You start to see contradictory conditions on your skin. Dry skin combined with acne or oily skin with dry flaky patches.

Products designed to work on one condition just seem to worsen the other condition.

Your diet and digestion really effect your skin

You notice exaggerated responses to what you ate or drank on your skin. Alcohol might cause redness and flushing, spicy food might cause your skin to feel hot to touch and certain foods might cause breakouts.

Pollution makes your skin flare up

Sensitive skin isn't solely influenced by your skincare routine; it's also at the mercy of external factors. Pollution, UV radiation, and harsh weather conditions can exacerbate sensitivity. Airborne pollutants can clog pores and cause inflammation, leading to skin woes. 

Stress makes a mark on your skin

Stress is more than just a mental burden; it can also take a toll on your skin. Sensitive skin is particularly vulnerable to stress-induced flare-ups. When your stress levels soar, so can skin sensitivity.

So, what's the solution for dealing with sensitive skin?

Luckily, there are ways to help stressed skin that is increasingly reactive. The first thing to do is to pare down your skin care routine. Despite everything that you read online, your skin does not need a 12 step regimen to be healthy.

It really helps to bring down your skin care regimen to the basics. A gentle cleanser, a hydrating face serum, and a face oil to lock it in could help. and a simpler diet can make a huge difference. You will start to notice results in just a few weeks. 

What are your skin care challenges? Post in the comments below.

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